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What medications does Nume use? Are they approved in Australia?

Nume offers consultations with licensed general practitioners to recommend suitable medications. We adhere to Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) guidelines, not disclosing medication names before consultation. Our treatments may include GLP-1 agonists, anorectics, and lipase inhibitors, tailored for weight management in Australia. We ensure safety and informed decisions, discussing options during the consultation.

Is this treatment a cure?

Our treatment is not a cure. We focus on supporting and guiding you through your health journey. We aim for sustained health improvements rather than quick fixes, involving you in every step of the treatment process to ensure it aligns with your needs and preferences.

Why doesn't Nume mention medications by name?

Complying with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations, we prioritise your safety by not disclosing specific medication names pre-consultation. This allows our medical professionals to discuss all suitable options with you, ensuring informed and personalised treatment decisions.

Are there side effects?

While weight loss is an intended side effect of some medications, other side effects may include thinning of hair and nails due to dietary changes. Our practitioners will discuss potential medication side effects in detail. We provide a Consumer Medicine Information guide and monitor treatment closely for safety.

Do I have to follow a diet or strict gym routine?

Nume doesn't endorse specific diets or rigorous gym routines. We focus on education and lifestyle changes, offering nutritional information in a manageable and empowering manner. We encourage a daily commitment to personal health, tailored to your lifestyle for long-term well-being.

Can anyone start treatment?

Not everyone is eligible for our treatment. We assess each individual's medical history and current condition to ensure compatibility with our treatment solutions. We particularly avoid treating individuals with certain medical conditions or a history of eating disorders.

How long is treatment duration?

We recommend a 12-month treatment for optimal results, but we also offer flexible program durations, including monthly, quarterly, and bi-yearly options. The duration is tailored to fit your lifestyle and ensure the best outcomes for your health journey.

Will I be successful on treatment?

We are committed to supporting your journey towards achieving your health goals and will endeavor to assist you in every reasonable way. Success in treatment often correlates with regular check-ins and a long-term commitment, as this reflects an understanding of the value of properly managing one’s health. Our most successful patients are those who gradually transition off medication, embrace lifestyle changes, and make a conscious effort towards their health, including setting personal boundaries.
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